About the Journal


Informatica (print edition ISSN: 0350-5596, online edition ISSN: 1854-3871) is an international refereed journal with its base in Europe. It publishes papers addressing all issues of interests to computer and informatics professionals and cognitive scientists: from scientific and technical to educational, commercial and industrial. It also publishes critical examinations of existing publications, news about major practical achievements and innovations in the computer and information industry, as well as conference announcements and reports.

Informatica publishes research papers which have been accepted by at least two referees outside the author's country. Papers are typically published in less than half a year after the final version in the correct form is received. Acceptance rate is roughly 30%.

Informatica regular issues are published four times a year with additional online-only issues published in between. Each issue contains around 150 A4 pages.

Informatica is published by the Slovenian Society Informatika in cooperation with the following societies:

  • Slovenian Society Informatika
  • Slovenian Research Agency
  • Jožef Stefan Institute