Performance Evaluation of Lazy, Decision Tree Classifier and Multilayer Perceptron on Traffic Accident Analysis

Prayag Tiwari, Huy Dao, Gia Nhu Nguyen



Traffic and road accident are a big issue in every country. Road accident influence on many things such as property damage, different injury level as well as a large amount of death. Data science has such capability to assist us to analyze different factors behind traffic and road accident such as weather, road, time etc. In this paper, we proposed different clustering and classification techniques to analyze data. We implemented different classification techniques such as Decision Tree, Lazy classifier, and Multilayer perceptron classifier to classify dataset based on casualty class as well as clustering techniques which are k-means and Hierarchical clustering techniques to cluster dataset. Firstly we analyzed dataset by using these classifiers and we achieved accuracy at some level and later, we applied clustering techniques and then applied classification techniques on that clustered data. Our accuracy level increased at some level by using clustering techniques on dataset compared to a dataset which was classified with-out clustering.

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