Similarity measure of multiple sets and its application to pattern recognition

Shijina V, Adithya Unni, Sunil Jacob John


Multiple set is a newborn member of the family of generalized sets, which can model uncertainty together with multiplicity. It has the power to handle numerous uncertain features of objects in a multiple way. Multiple set theory has the edge over the well established fuzzy set theory by its capability to handle uncertainty and multiplicity simultaneously. Similarity measure of fuzzy sets is well addressed in literature and has found prominent applications in various domains. As multiple set is an efficient generalization of fuzzy set, the concept and theory of similarity measure can be extended to multiple set theory and can be developed probable applications in various real-life problems. This paper introduces the concept of similarity measure of multiple sets and proposes two different similarity measures of multiple sets and investigates their properties. Finally, this work substantiates application of the concept of similarity measure of multiple sets to pattern recognition. A numerical illustration demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed technique to this application.

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