Research on Weighing of Concrete Aggregate Pile Based on Binocular Vision

Chang Su, Liu Wang, Zhuang Wu, Hua Xu


At present, the weighing process of concrete aggregate is cumbersome, and the weighing result has a large error. This paper proposes a method for measuring the weight of irregular bone stockpiles based on binocular vision. Firstly, based on the principle of binocular vision, the improved SMG stereo matching algorithm and OTSU threshold segmentation algorithm are used to calculate the 3D point cloud coordinates corresponding to the disparity map. Then, the 3D reconstruction of the aggregate pile and the calculation method of volume and mass are proposed. The results show that the method can accurately measure the aggregate pile weight, and the measurement error is less than 6%. The method can effectively reduce the operating cost of the concrete batching station and improve the measurement efficiency.

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