Indonesian Hoax News Classification with Multilingual Transformer Model and BERTopic

Leonnardo Benjamin Hutama, Derwin Suhartono


Technology and information growth make all internet users can play a role in disseminating information, including hoax news. One way that can be done to avoid hoax news is to look for sources of information, but valid news is not always perceived as 'true' by individuals because human judgments can lead to bias. Several studies on automatic hoax news classification have been carried out using various deep learning approaches such as the pre-trained multilingual transformer model. This study focuses on classifying Indonesian hoax news using the pre-trained transformer multilingual model (XLM-R and mBERT) combined with a BERTopic model as a topic distribution model. The result shows that the proposed method outperforms the baseline model in classifying fake news in the low-resource language (Indonesian) with accuracy, precision, recall, and F1 results of 0.9051, 0.9515, 0.8233, and 0.8828 respectively.

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