Research on Development Mode of Intelligent Rural Tourism under Digital Background

Chunlin Zhou


This paper reviews the main current situation of digital rural tourism with intelligent backgrounds, so as to accurately grasp the current status of the definition of digital rural tourism. This paper analyzes the basic theory of rural tourism development model, and combines the development model theory, and uses logical methods to analyze the development pattern of digital rural tourism with intelligent background, and provides guidance for the development of digital rural tourism in China.

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Indicator layer Factor layer Very

dissatisfied Dissatisfied General Satisfaction Very

satisfied Average

Rural Tourism


Rural features 6 9 123 95 16 3.7


hygiene 7 23 154 53 5 3.5

Price 15 45 93 72 18 3.8

Rural tourism


Rural features 2 14 122 85 13 3.3


hygiene 8 48 93 72 12 3.6

Price 5 33 107 98 4 3.7

Rural tourism


Indicator layer

Rural Tourism


Rural features 5 27 122 74 16 3.5

Price 8 64 103 53 3 2.2

Quality 7 58 124 52 2 3.4

Table 3: Ranking of development patterns of evaluation factors for intelligent rural tourism in China.

Research on Development Mode of Intelligent Rural Tourism Informatica 43 (2019) 337–341 341

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