Detection and Recognition of Abnormal Data Caused by Network Intrusion Using Deep Learning

Yan Jian, Xiaoyang Dong, Liang Jian


Based on deep learning, this study combined sparse autoencoder (SAE) with extreme learning machine (ELM) to design an SAE-ELM method to reduce the dimension of data features and realize the classification of different types of data. Experiments were carried out on NSL-KDD and UNSW-NB2015 data sets. The results showed that, compared with the K-means algorithm and the SVM algorithm, the proposed method had higher performance. On the NSL-KDD data set, the average accuracy rate of the SAE-ELM method was 98.93%, the false alarm rate was 0.17%, and the missing report rate was 5.36%. On the UNSW-NB2015 data set, the accuracy rate of the SAE-ELM method was 98.88%, the false alarm rate was 0.12%, and the missing report rate was 4.31%. The results show that the SAE-ELM method is effective in the detection and recognition of abnormal data and can be popularized and applied.

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