Vol 29, No 3 (2005)

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Special issue papers

Introduction PDF
K. Egiazarian, A. E. Hassanien
Perception-Oriented Prominent Region Detection in Video Sequences PDF
L. Congyan, X. De, Y. Xu
A Color Image Quantization Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
M. G. Omran, A. P. Engelbrecht, A. Salman
A Hybird Image Retrieval System with User's Relevance Feedback Using Neurocomputing PDF
D. Wang, X. Ma
Action Recognition in Meeting Videos Using Head Trajectories and Fuzzy Color Histogram PDF
B. Kwolek
Document Image Analysis by Probabilistic Network and Circuit Diagram Extraction PDF
A. Barta, I. Vajk
Artificial Neural Networks Based Fingerprint Authentication With Clusters Algorithm PDF
M. M.A. Allah

Regular papers

Multi-Objective CMOS-Targeted Evolutionary Hardware for Combinational Digital Circuits PDF
N. Nedjah, L. de M. Mourelle
A New Efficient Group Signature With Forward Security PDF
J. Zhang, Q. Wu, Y. Wang
A Performance Evaluation of Distributed Algorithms on Shared Memory and Message Passing Middleware Platforms PDF
S.P. Ahuja, R. Eggen, A. K. Jha
A Very Low Bit Rate Image Compressor Using Transformed Classified Vector Quantization PDF
H.-W. Tseng, C.-C. Chang
On the Security of a Digital Signature with Message Recovery Using Self-certified Public Key PDF
J. Zhang, W. Zou, D. Chen, Y. Wang
Object Grouping and Replication Algorithms for Word Wide Web PDF
A. Mahmood
The Barycenter Heuristic and the Reorderable Matrix
E. Mäkinen, H. Siirtola
Improving Branch Prediction Performance with a Generalized Design for Dynamic Branch Predictors PDF
W.M. Lin, R. Madhavaram, A.-Y. Yang

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