Vol 30, No 4 (2006)

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Special issue papers

Introduction PDF
V. A. Fomichov
Cognitonics as a New Science and Its Significance for Informatics and Information Society PDF
V. A. Fomichov, O. S. Fomichova
"ADDIZIONARIO": a New Tool for Learning between Metacognition and Creativity PDF
M. A. Zanetti, G. Turrini, D. Miazza
AddizionarioPLUS: a Creative Approach to Linguistic and Intercultural Education PDF
G. Turrini, P. Baroni, A. Paccosi
Don Quixote 1605-2005: Teaching Don Quixote on WebCT in the 21st Century PDF
R. Moore
Modern Methods for Stimulating Creativity in Education PDF
P. Chakalisa, D. Mapolelo, D. M. Totev, E. D. Totev
New and Old Technologies: a Suitable Combination for Obtaining Efficient Educational Results PDF
S. G. Tropiano
How Learner's Proficiency May Be Increased Using Knowledge about Users within an E-Learning Platform PDF
D. D. Burdescu, M. C. Mihaescu
Surfing Hypertexts with a Metacognition Tool PDF
G. Chiazzese, S. Ottaviano, G. Merlo, A. Chiari, M. Allegra, L. Seta G. Todaro

Regular papers

SI-PRON Pronunciation Lexicon: a New Language Resource for Slovenian PDF
J. Ž. Gros, V. Cvetko-Orešnik, P. Jakopin
A System Generating CV through Intelligent Agents and Apache Cocoon PDF
E. J. González, A. Hamilton, L. Moreno, J. A. Méndez, J. Sigut, M. Sigut
Statistical Dependency Parsing of Four Treebanks PDF
A. Chanev
Knowledge vs. Simulation for Bidding in Tarok PDF
D. Marincic, M. Gams, M. Luštrek
Fully Automatic Assessment of Speech of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate PDF
A. Maier, E. Nöth, A. Batliner, E. Nkenke, M. Schuster
Morphosyntactic Tagging of Slovene Legal Language PDF
T. Erjavec, B. Sárossy

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