Vol 32, No 4 (2008)

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Special issue papers

Anton P. Železnikar PDF
Niko Schlamberger
Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue Intelligent Systems PDF
Costin Badica, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki
The Cross-Entropy Method for Policy Search in Decentralized POMDPs PDF
Frans A. Oliehoek, Julian F.P. Kooij, Nikos Vlassis
On the Compilation of Programs into their Equivalent Constraint Representation PDF
Franz Wotawa, Mihai Nica
Automatic Streaming Processing of XSLT Transformations Based on Tree Transducers PDF
Jana Dvořáková
On Interchange between Drools and Jess PDF
Oana Nicolae, Adrian Giurca, Gerd Wagner

Regular papers

An Approach to Extracting Sub-schema Similarities from Semantically Heterogeneous XML Schemas PDF
Pasquale De Meo, Giovanni Quattrone, Giorgio Terracina, Domenico Ursino
DNA Algorithms for Petri Net Modeling PDF
Alfons Schuster
A Readability Checker with Supervised Learning Using Deep Indicators PDF
Tim vor der Brück, Sven Hartrumpf, Hermann Helbig
Improving Morphosyntactic Tagging of Slovene Language through Meta-tagging PDF
Jan Rupnik, Miha Grčar, Tomaž Erjavec
Improving Part-of-Speech Tagging Accuracy for Croatian by Morphological Analysis PDF
Željko Agic, Zdravko Dovedan
A Heuristic Search Algorithm for Flow-Shop Scheduling PDF
Joshua Poh-Onn Fan, Graham K. Winley

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