Vol 34, No 1 (2010)

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Special issue papers

Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue on System Modeling and Transformation Principles PDF
Y. Ledeneva, G. Sidorov
Recent Advances in Computational Linguistics PDF
Y. Ledeneva, G. Sidorov
Paraphrase Identification Using Weighted Dependencies and Word Semantics PDF
M.C. Lintean, V. Rus
Challenging Issues of Automatic Summarization: Relevance Detection and Quality-based Evaluation PDF
E. Lloret, M. Palomar
Low-Bias Extraction of Domain-Specific Concepts PDF
A.-C. N. Ngomo
Towards Multi-Stream Question Answering Using Answer Validation PDF
A. Téllez-Valero, M. Montes-y-Gómez, L. Villasenor-Pineda, A. Penas-Padilla
Named Entity Recognition Using Appropriate Unlabeled Data, Post-processing and Voting  PDF
A. Ekbal, S. Bandyopadhyay
Assigning Library of Congress Classification Codes to Books Based Only on their titles  PDF
R. Ávila-Argüelles, H. Calvo, A. Gelbukh, S. Godoy-Calderón
Automatic Identification of Lexical Units PDF
V. Daudaravicius
Finding Maximal Sequential Patterns in Text Document Collections and Single Documents PDF
R.A. García-Hernández, J.Fco. Martínez-Trinidad, J.A. Carrasco-Ochoa
Grammar of ReALIS and the Implementation of its Dynamic Interpretation PDF
G. Alberti, J. Kleiber
Using Bagging and Boosting Techniques for Improving Coreference Resolution PDF
S. Vemulapalli, X. Luo, J.F. Pitrelli, I. Zitouni
Cascaded Regression Analysis Based Temporal Multi-document Summarization PDF
R. He, B. Qin, T. Liu, S. Li

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