Vol 34, No 3 (2010)

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Special issue papers

Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue on Semantic Informational Technologies PDF
V. A. Fomichov
Obtaining Status Descriptions via Automatic Analysis of Hospital Patient Records PDF
S. Boytcheva, I. Nikolova, E. Paskaleva, G. Angelova, D. Tcharaktchiev, N. Dimitrova
Corpus and Web: Two Allies in Building and Automatically Expanding Conceptual Classes PDF
N. Béchet, J. Chauché, V. Prince, M. Roche
Theory of K-representations as a Comprehensive Formal Framework for Developing a Multilingual Semantic Web PDF
V. A. Fomichov
Wikipedia2Onto— Building Concept Ontology Automatically, Experimenting with Web Image Retrieval PDF
H. Wang, X. Jiang, L.-T. Chia, A.-H. Tan
A Service Oriented Framework for Natural Language Text Enrichment PDF
T. Štajner, D. Rusu, L. Dali, B. Fortuna, D. Mladenić, M. Grobelnik
Applications of Semantics in Agent-Based Manufacturing System PDF
M. Obitko, P. Vrba, V. Marík, M. Radakovič, P. Kadera
The Role of the Semantic Web for Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry PDF
I. Svetel, M. Pejanović

Regular papers

Cryptanalysis of a Simple Three-party Key Exchange Protocol PDF
H. Debiao, C. Jianhua, H. Jin
KP-Lab System for the Support of Collaborative Learning and Working Practices, Based on Trialogical Learning PDF
J. Paralič, F. Babič, J. Wagner, P. Bednár, M. Paralič
An LPGM method: Platform Independent Modeling and Development of Graphical User Interface PDF
J. Kryštof
A Fast Convex Hull Algorithm for Binary Image PDF
X. Zhang, Z. Tang, J. Yu, M. Guo
Using Genetic Algorithms and Dominance Concepts for Generating Reduced Test Data PDF
A. S. Ghiduk, M. R. Girgis
Using Meta-Structures in Database Design PDF
H. Ma, R. Noack, K.-D. Schewe, B. Thalheim

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