Vol 35, No 2 (2011)

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Special issue papers

A Data Model and an XQuery Extension for Concurrent XML Structures PDF
E. Bruno, E. Murisasco
A Sequential Three-Stage Integer Goal Programming (IGP) Model for Faculty-Course-Time-Classroom Assignments PDF
R. Al-Husain, M.K. Hasan, H. Al-Qaheri
Performance Comparison Study of Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks under Default Flooding and Density and Mobility Aware Energy-Efficient (DMEF) Broadcast Strategies PDF
N. Meghanathan
An Extended TOPSIS Method for Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making Based on Generalized Interval-valued Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers PDF
P. Liu
Optimal Decision Tree Based Multi-class Support Vector Machine PDF
M. Bala, R.K. Agrawal
A Shadow Dynamic Finite State Machine for Branch Prediction: An Alternative for the 2-bit Saturating Counter PDF
S. Abdel-Hafeez, A. Gordon-Ross, A. Albosul, A. Shatnawi, S. Harb
Programming the Story: Interactive Storytelling System PDF
S. Kim, S. Moon, S. Han, J. Chan
Expression-robust 3D Face Recognition using Bending Invariant Correlative Features PDF
Y. Ming, Q. Ruan
The State Of Information And Communication Technology In Hungary - A Comparative Analysis PDF
P. Sasvari
An Efficient Cross-Layer Scheduling with Partial Channel State Information PDF
I. Ganesan, M. Karuppasamy
Online Motion Planning for Humanoid Robot Based on Embedded Vision System PDF
Q. Zhong, Q. Pan, B. Hong, B. Fang, S. Piao
Fault Diagnostics of Centrifuge Pump Using Data Analysis in Spectrometric Method PDF
M. Esmaeilpour, E. Nomigolzar, M.R.F. Derakhshi, Z. Shukur
Real-Time Action Scheduling in Pervasive Computing PDF
W. Xue, Q. Luo, and L.M. Ni
Tuning Chess Evaluation Function Parameters using Differential Evolution Algorithm PDF
B. Bošković, J. Brest
Analysis of Results of Ecological Simulation Models with Machine Learning PDF
A. Trajanov

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