Vol 36, No 1 (2012)

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Special issue papers

Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on IPTV and Multimedia Services PDF
E. Mikóczy, I. Vidal, D. Kanellopoulos
IPTV Evolution Towards NGN and Hybrid Scenarios PDF
E. Mikóczy, I. Vidal, D. Kanellopoulos
IPTV Services Personalization Using Context-Awareness PDF
S. Song, H. Moustafa, H. Afifi
Privacy Aware Recommender Service using Multi-agent Middleware- an IPTV Network Scenario PDF
A.M. Elmisery, D. Botvich
An RTSP Proxy for Implementing the IPTV Media Function Using a Streaming Server PDF
Z.S. Shibeshi, A. Terzoli, K. Bradshaw
Secure Key Exchange Scheme for IPTV Broadcasting PDF
R.S. Pippal, S. Tapaswi, C.D. Jaidhar

Regular papers

'The Frozen Accident' as an Evolutionary Adaptation: A Rate Distortion Theory Perspective on the Dynamics and Symmetries of Genetic Coding Mechanisms  PDF
J.F. Glazebrook, R. Wallace
Times Limited Accountable Anonymous Online Submission Control System from Single-Verifier k-times Group Signature  PDF
X. Zhao, F. Zhang
Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method Based on the Trapezoid Fuzzy Linguistic Hybrid Harmonic Averaging Operator PDF
P. Liu, Y. Su
Physics Markup Approaches Based on Geometric Algebra Representations PDF
K-p. Yang, W. Zhang, F. Petry
Local Graph Embedding Based on Maximum Margin Criterion (LGE/MMC) for Face Recognition PDF
M. Wan, S. Gai, J. Shao
Ensembles for Predicting Structured Outputs PDF
D. Kocev
Rapid Ontology Development Model Based on Rule Management Approach in Business Applications PDF
D. Lavbič

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