Vol 41, No 4 (2017)

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Superintelligence, AI and an Overview of IJCAI 2017 PDF
Matjaž Gams
Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on ‟Superintelligence” PDF
Ryan Carey, Matthijs Maas, Nell Watson, Roman Yampolskiy
Superintelligence As a Cause or Cure For Risks of Astronomical Suffering PDF
Kaj Sotala, Lukas Gloor
Artificial Intelligence in Life Extension: from Deep Learning to Superintelligence PDF
Mikhail Batin, Alexey Turchin, Markov Sergey, Alisa Zhila, David Denkenberger
Modeling and Interpreting Expert Disagreement About Artificial Superintelligence PDF
Seth D Baum, Anthony M Barrett, Roman V Yampolskiy
Conceptual-Linguistic Superintelligence PDF
David J. Jilk
Mammalian Value Systems PDF
Gopal P. Sarma, Nick J. Hay
Robust Computer Algebra, Theorem Proving, and Oracle AI PDF
Gopal P. Sarma, Nick J. Hay
The Technological Landscape Affecting Artificial General Intelligence and the Importance of Nanoscale Neural Probes PDF
Daniel Eth

Regular papers

M-learning programming platform: Evaluation in elementary schools PDF
Efthimios Alepis, Christos Troussas
A Watermarking Algorithm for Multiple Watermarks Protection Using SVD and Compressive Sensing PDF
Rohit Thanki, Vedvyas Dwivedi, Komal Borisagar, Surekha Borra
A Hybrid Approach from Ant Colony Optimization and K-nearest Neighbor for Classifying Datasets Using Selected Features PDF
Enas M.F. El Houby, Nisreen I. R. Yassin, Shaimaa Omran
Landmarking-Based Unsupervised Clustering of Human Faces Manifesting Labio-Schisis Dysmorphisms PDF
Daniele Conti, Antonio Froio, Federica Marcolin, Enrico Vezzetti, Luca Bonacina

Thesis summary

Computational intelligence algorithms for the development of an Artificial Sport Trainer PDF
Iztok Jr. Fister
Call for papers PDF
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