Vol 43, No 1 (2019)

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Middle-European Conference on Applied Theoretical Computer Science (MATCOS-16)

Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on "MATCOS-16 conference" PDF
Andrej Brodnik, Gábor Galambos
Implementation and Evaluation of Algorithms with ALGator PDF
Tomaž Dobravec
Packing tree degree sequences PDF
Kristóf Bérczi, Zoltán Király, Changshuo Liu, Istvan Miklos
Construction of orthogonal CC-sets PDF
Andrej Brodnik, Vladan Jovičić, Marko Palangetić, Daniel Silađi
On embedding degree sequences PDF
Béla Csaba, Bálint Márk Vásárhelyi
A Self-Bounding Branch \& Bound procedure for truck routing and scheduling PDF
Csongor Gy. Csehi, Ádám Tóth, Márk Farkas
Improving Flow Lines by Unbalancing PDF
Zsolt Mihály, Zoltán Lelkes
Incremental 2-D Nearest-Point Search with Evenly Populated Strips PDF
David Podgorelec, Denis Špelič

Regular papers

Towards a UML Profile for the Simulation Domain PDF
Maouche Mourad, Bettaz Mohamed
A New Variant of Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems PDF
Yugal Kumar, Neeraj Dahiya, Sanjay Malik, Savita Khatri
An Empirical Study for Detecting Fake Facebook Profiles Using Supervised Mining Techniques PDF
Mohammed Basil Albayati, Ahmad Mousa Altamimi
An Energy Efficient Architecture of IoT based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) PDF
Sudhanshu Maurya, Kuntal Mukherjee
The Student-Self Oriented Learning Model as an Effective Paradigm for Education in Knowledge Society PDF
Vladimir A. Fomichov, Olga S. Fomichova
Noise-tolerant modular neural network system for classifying ECG signal PDF
Alberto Ochoa, Luis J. Mena, Vanessa G. Felix, Apolinar Gonzalez, Walter Mata, Gladys E. Maestre
Facial Expression Recognition Based on Local Features and Monogenic Binary Coding PDF
Zhangbao Chen
Application of support vector machine algorithm based gesture recognition technology in human-computer interaction PDF
Wangcheng Cao

Student papers

Collaborative Strategy for Teaching and Learning Object-Oriented Programming course: A Case Study at Mostafa Stambouli Mascara University, Algeria PDF
Cherifa Boudia, Asmaa Bengueddach, Hafid Haffaf

Thesis summary

Microworlds with Different Pedagogical Approaches in Introductory Programming Learning: Effects in Programming Knowledge and Logical Reasoning PDF
Joana Martinho Costa
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