Vol 43, No 2 (2019)

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Overview papers

A Review on CT and X-Ray Images Denoising Methods PDF
Dang Thanh, Prasath Surya, Le Minh Hieu
On the Properties of Epistemic and Temporal Epistemic Logics of Authentication PDF
Sharar Ahmadi, Mehran S. Fallah, Massoud Pourmahdian

Regular papers

Benchmark Problems for Exhaustive Exact Maximum Clique Search Algorithms PDF
Sándor Szabó, Bogdán Zaválnij
Mutual Information Based Feature Selection for Fingerprint Identification PDF
Ahlem Adjimi, Abdenour Hacine-Gharbi, Philippe Ravier, Messaoud Mostefai
Some Remarks and Tests on the Dh1 Cryptosystem Based on Automata Compositions PDF
Pál Dömösi, József Gáll, Géza Horváth, Norbert Tihanyi
Agent-Based Simulation of Socially-Inspired Model of Resistance against Unpopular Norms PDF
Kashif Zia, Dinesh Kumar Saini, Arshad Muhammad, Umar Farooq
A New Ensemble Self-labeled Semi-supervised Algorithm PDF
Ioannis E. Livieris
New Re-ranking Approach in Merging Search Results PDF
Hung Trung Vo
Physical Match PDF
Aaron E. Naiman, Eliav Farber, Yossi Stein
The Permutable k-means for the Bi-Partial Criterion PDF
Serge D. Dvoenko, Jan W Owsinski
A CLR Virtual Machine Based Execution Framework for IEC 61131-3 Applications PDF
Salvatore Cavalieri, Marco Stefano Scroppo
A Comparative Study of Automatic Programming Techniques PDF
Sibel Arslan, Celal Öztürk
Evolving Neural Network CMAC and its Applications PDF
Oleg Rudenko, Oleksandr Bessonov, Oleksandr Dorokhov
Design of Intelligent English Writing Self-evaluation Auxiliary System PDF
Man Liu

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