Vol 46, No 1 (2022)

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Regular papers

Towards a Feasible Hand Gesture Recognition System as Sterile Non-contact Interface in the Operating Room with 3D Convolutional Neural Network PDF
Roy Amante Salvador, Prospero Naval
Improving modeling of stochastic processes by smart denoising PDF
Jakob Jelenčič, Dunja Mladenić
Automatic Fabric Inspection using GLCM-based Jensen-Shannon Divergence PDF
Asha V
A complete traceability methodology between UML diagrams and source code based on enriched use case textual description PDF
Wiem Khlif, Dhikra Kchaou, Nadia Bouassida
A global COVID-19 observatory, monitoring the pandemics through text mining and visualization PDF
M. Besher Massri, Joao Pita Costa, Andrej Bauer, Marko Grobelnik, Janez Brank, Luka Stopar
A Novel Fuzzy Modifier Interpolation Rule for Computing With Words PDF
Swati Aggarwal, Tanvi Dadu, Nisha Aggarwal
Evaluating Public Sentiment of Covid-19 Vaccine Tweets Using Machine Learning Techniques PDF
Samuel Kofi Akpatsa, Xiaoyu Li, Hang Lei, Victor-Hillary Kofi Setornyo Obeng
Personalized Health Framework for Visually Impaired PDF
Megha Rathi, Shruti Sahu, Ankit Goel, Pramit Gupta

Student papers

Network security situational level prediction based on a double-feedback Elman model PDF
Jinbao He, Jie Yang
Intelligent course recommendation based on neural network for innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students PDF
Jinding Zou
Innovative application of recombinant traditional visual elements in graphic design PDF
Jing Lu
An Illustration of Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Using Decision Tree Algorithm PDF
Uma Ramasamy, Santhoshkumar Sundar
Using Semi-Supervised Learning and Wikipedia to Train an Event Argument Extraction System PDF
Patrik Zajec, Dunja Mladenić

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