Vol 46, No 2 (2022)

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Overview papers

IoT-Enabled Remote Monitoring Techniques for Healthcare Applications -- An Overview PDF
Shajulin Benedict
Unsupervised Deep Learning: Taxonomy and algorithms PDF
Aida Chefrour, Labiba Souici-Meslati

Regular papers

Remote Monitoring of Lab Experiments to Enhance Collaboration between Universities PDF
Arshad Ali
A Study of Stressed Facial Recognition Based on Histogram Information PDF
Barlian Henryranu Prasetio, Edita Rosana Widasari, Fitra Abdurrachman Bachtiar
A Prestudy of Machine Learning in Industrial Quality Control Pipelines PDF
Jože Ravničan, Anže Marinko, Gjorgji Noveski, Stefan Kalabakov, Marko Jovanovič, Samo Gazvoda, Matjaž Gams
An Efficient Procedure for Removing Salt and Pepper Noise in Images PDF
Guangyu Xu, Muhammad Jibril Aminu
Exploring the Parametric Impact on a Deep Learning Model and proposal of a 2-Branch CNN for Diabetic Retinopathy Classification with Case Study in IoT-Blockchain based Smart Healthcare System PDF
Manaswini Jena, Debahuti Mishra, Smita Prava Mishra, Pradeep Kumar Mallick, Sachin Kumar
Tele-Collaboration System in CVLab PDF
Djamila Mechta, Saad Harous, Mahieddine Djoudi
A hesitant fuzzy multiplicative Base-criterion multi-criteria group decision making method PDF
Monika Narang, M.C. Joshi, A.K. Pal
Formal Approach to Data Accuracy Evaluation PDF
Athamena Belkacem, Zina Houhamdi
A novel term weighting scheme for imbalanced text classification PDF
Tanapon Tantisripreecha, Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj
Investigating Energy Efficiency of Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols PDF
Sunday Adeola Ajagbe, Michael Oludayo Ayegboyin, Ifedotun Roseline Idowu, Toheeb Adetoyese Adeleke, Dang N.H. Thanh

Student papers

An empirical study to demonstrate that EdDSA can be used as a performance improvement alternative to ECDSA in Blockchain and IoT PDF
Guruprakash J, Srinivas Koppu
Deep Reinforcement Learning-based anomaly detection for Video Surveillance PDF
Sabrina Aberkane, Mohamed Elarbi-Boudihir

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