Call for overview papers

Informatica initiates a new paper format. In the highly fragmented world of computer science it is very often the case that professionals lose track of what is currently going on in other areas. In an effort to remedy the situation, we intend to include an overview paper in each issue of Informatica.

Each overview paper will cover a subarea of computer science. It will contain a historical perspective on the developments to date (supported by an extensive bibliography) as well as information about the state of the art in the subdiscipline. It will also contain a description of what research is currently considered the most important and which roads are considered to be most promising. The paper must be accessible to computer professionals who do not have detailed knowledge of the subject.

All papers will be refereed against a specially designed set of criteria by at least four reviewers. Due to the nature of the endeavour, overview papers may be longer than papers typically accepted for journal publication.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Ganzha (Overview Paper Editor)

Refereeing Form for Overview Papers ( MS Word, PDF)