Vol 46, No 6 (2022)

Online-only issue

Table of Contents

Multimodal Machine Learning for Major League Baseball Playoff Prediction PDF
Aliaa Saad Yaseen, Ali Fadhil Marhoon, Sarmad Asaad Saleem
Performance analysis of communication model on position based routing protocol : review analysis PDF
Hidayatulah Himawan, Aslinda Hassan, Nazrul Azhar Bahaman
Geo-Spatial Disease Clustering for Public Health Decision Making PDF
Atta ur Rahman
A Review and Comparative Analysis of Sentiment Analysis Techniques PDF
Shaha T. Al-Otaibi, Amal A. Al-Rasheed
A Modified On-Demand Vector Distance Routing Protocol Incorporating Alternate Vehicle-RSU-Vehicle and Vehicle-RSU- RSU Paths PDF
Basil Al-Kasasbeh
Color distortion and edge feature for perceptual quality assessment PDF
Ahmed ZEGGARI, Zianou AHMED SEGHIR, Mounir HEMAM, Fella Hachouf, Meriem DJEZZAR
Sentiment Analysis of Algerian Dialect Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Word2vec PDF
Ahmed Cherif Mazari, Abdelhamid Djeffal
Arabic Sentiment Analysis Using Naïve Bayes and CNN-LSTM PDF
Dima Suleiman, Aseel Odeh, Rizik Al-Sayyed
Iraqi E-Voting System Based on Smart Contract Using Private Blockchain Technology PDF
Maral Hassan Jumaa, Ahmed Chalak Shakir
Metamorphic Testing and Serverless Computing: A Basic Architecture PDF
Yakiv Yusyn, Tetiana Zabolotnia
Epileptic Seizures Detection from EEG Recordings Based on a Hybrid system of Gaussian Mixture Model and Random Forest Classifier PDF
Garineh Sarkies Ohannesian, Esraa Jasim Harfash
Expert API for Early Detection of TB Disease with Forward Chaining and Certainty Factor Algorithms PDF
Nicholas Dwiarto Wirasbawa, Christian Teguh Prasetya Widjaja, Christian Imanuel Wenji, Seng Hansun
Efficiently Secure Data Communications Based on CBC-RC6 and the Overflow Field of Timestamp Option in an IPv4 Packet PDF
Wid Akeel Awadh, Ali Salah Hashim, Alaa Khalaf Hamoud
Learning the pattern-based CRF for prediction of a protein local structure PDF
Zhalgas Mukanov, Rustem Takhanov
Hybrid-MELAu: A Hybrid Mixing Engineered Linguistic Features Framework Based on Autoencoder for Social Bot Detection. PDF
Zineb Ferhat Hamida, Allaoua Refouf, Ahlem Drif, Silvia Giordano

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