Vol 48, No 10 (2024)

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Table of Contents

Art Image Style Conversion Based on Multi-Scale Feature Fusion Network PDF
Huizhou Li, Wubin Zhu
The Application of Action Recognition Based on MPP-YOLOv3 Algorithm in Posture Correction PDF
Zhongwei Wang, Shujuan Dong
Sports Action Detection and Counting Algorithm Based on Pose Estimation and Its Application in Physical Education Teaching PDF
Zhengyuan Song, Zhonghai Chen
Formation Control Algorithm for Multiple Mobile Robots BasedonFuzzy Mathematics PDF
Bingqian Fan
Improving the Emperor Penguin Optimizer Algorithm through Adapted Weighted Sum Mutation Strategy with Information Vector PDF
Ahmed El Sayed Serag, Hegazy Zaher, Naglaa Ragaa, Heba Sayed
Improving Task Scheduling In Cloud Datacenters By Implementation Of An Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm PDF
Omer K. Jasim Mohammad, Bassim M. Salih
The Application of Integrating Data Mining and IoT Management Technology in Enterprise Supply Chain Information Management PDF
Ling Gong
Design of Intelligent Construction System for Assembly Building Based on Improved IoT PDF
Juan Wang
Recognition and Prediction of Nonlinear Dynamic States of Microelectronic Devices Based on Machine Learning Algorithms PDF
Xia Liu, Kangyi Wang, Chongguang Liu
Digital Tourism Recommendation and Route Planning Model Design Based on RippleNet and Improved GA PDF
Yanping Li
Model Construction of Higher Education Quality Assurance System Based on Fuzzy Neural Network PDF
Lu Mei
The integration of financial business and the transformation of financial management functions based on internal control optimization algorithm PDF
Rongxiu Zhao, Duochang Tang
Improved A* Algorithm for Intelligent Navigation Path Planning PDF
Lisha Dong
Human-Computer Interaction Based on ASGCN Displacement Graph Neural Networks PDF
Yiping Yang, Jijun Liu, Liang Zhao, Yuchen Yin
A Tourist Attraction Recommendation Model Combining User Interest Modeling and Heuristic Journey Planning Algorithm PDF
Huimin Chen

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