Bipartivity Index based Link Selection Strategy to Determine Stable and Energy-Efficient Data Gathering Trees for Mobile Sensor Networks

Natarajan Meghanathan


Bipartivity Index (BPI) has been used in complex network analysis to quantify the extent of partitioning of the vertices of a network graph into two disjoint partitions; the edges between vertices within the same partition are called frustrated edges. The BPI values for a network graph ranges from 0 to 1 (the BPI of a network graph that is truly bipartite and has no frustrated edges is 1). Our hypothesis in this research is that the end nodes of a short distance link (the distance between the end nodes is significantly smaller than the transmission range per node) in a mobile sensor network (MSN) are more likely to share a significant fraction of their neighbors and such links are more likely to be stable. We introduce a notion called the egocentric network of an edge (adapted from egocentric network for a node) comprising of the end nodes of the edge and their neighbors (as vertices) and the edges incident on the end nodes (as edges). Our claim is that an edge whose egocentric network has a lower BPI score is more likely to be a stable short distance link, with a relatively larger fraction of shared neighborhood, and could be preferred for inclusion while determining stable data gathering trees for MSNs. Through extensive simulations, we show that the BPI-based DG trees are significantly more stable and energy-efficient compared to the DG trees determined using the predicted link expiration time (LET), currently the best known strategy.

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