Vol 43, No 4 (2019)

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Overview papers

Predictive Analytics On Big Data - An Overview PDF
Gayathri Nagarajan, Dhinesh Babu L.D

Regular papers

The Use of Collaboration Distance in Scheduling Conference Talks PDF
Jan Pisanski, Tomaž Pisanski
String Transformation Based Morphology Learning PDF
László Kovács, Gabor Szabo
Feature Augmentation based Hybrid Collaborative Filtering using Tree Boosted Ensemble PDF
Udayabalan Balasingam, Gopalan Palaniswamy
A Solution to the Problem of the Maximal Number of Symbols for Biomolecular Computer PDF
Jacek Waldmajer, Sebastian Sakowski
AMF-IDBSCAN: Incremental Density Based Clustering Algorithm Using Adaptive Median Filtering Technique PDF
Aida Chefrour, Labiba Souici-Meslati
An Adaptive Image Inpainting Method Based on the Weighted Mean PDF
Nguyen Hoang Hai, Le Minh Hieu, Dang N.H. Thanh, Nguyen Van Son, Prasath V.B. Surya
Determination of Blood Flow Characteristics in Eye Vessels in Video Sequence PDF
Chaoxiang Chen, Shiping Ye, Huafeng Chen, Alexander Nedzvedz, Sergey Ablameyko, Olga Nedzvedz
Refin-Align: New Refinement Algorithm For Multiple Sequence Alignment PDF
Ahmed Mokaddem, Amine Bel Hadj, Mourad Elloumi
A Novel Approach to Fuzzy-Based Facial Feature Extraction and Face Recognition PDF
Aniruddha Dey, Manas Ghosh
The MAP/G/1 G‐Queue with Unreliable Server and Multiple Vacations PDF
Yi Peng

Student papers

Recurrent Neural Network Training using ABC Algorithm For Traffic Volume Prediction PDF
Adrian Bosire
Study of Computerized Segmentation & Classification Techniques: An Application to Histopathological Imagery PDF
Pranshu Saxena, Anjali Goyal
Decision Tree Algorithm Based University Graduate Employment Trend Prediction PDF
Fen Yang

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